Concrete Pipe & Precast

Pipe & PrecastCounty Materials manufactures concrete pipe and a variety of supporting products including manholes, box culverts and specialty precast products. We also supply drainage pipe and other water management components that help to fulfill the infrastructure needs of growing communities in the United States.

We provide engineered products for engineered applications and proudly count among our customers State Departments of Transportation, major cities and counties, public authorities and numerous private entities.

Regional contractors can be assured that County Materials has the concrete pipe and related products for nearly all their large volume stream, storm and flood water projects.


Concrete pipe has a rich history, spawning an industry that today produces an economical, high quality product for numerous applications. It's been in use for over 5,000 years. In North America, concrete pipe has been used extensively in drainage and sanitary sewer systems since the 19th century.

Product Performance

The performance requirements of each pipe joint are generally determined by the function of the pipeline. Whether the purpose is to convey sanitary sewage or stormwater, joints are designed so that when sections are laid together they will make a continuous line of pipe with an interior free from irregularities. Joints can be designed to provide soil-tightness or water tightness, with the ability to accommodate deflection or longitudinal movement, and strength to handle shear or vertical movement.

Concrete pipe and precast products must efficiently convey the fluid for which they are designed. Secondly, they are structures, and must be able to support the weight of the earth, as well as live loads above it. Unlike alternate products, concrete pipe accomplishes both functions through its inherent strength and rigidity.

Benefits to using Pipe and Precast


  • Pipe and precast can be designed, built and installed to meet an enormous range of project requirements


  • Both can be designed to withstand any combination of loading with minimal embodiment support

Hydraulic Efficiency

  • A demonstrated, documented Manning's "n" value of 0.012


  • Produced locally to meet local needs


  • Offers long service life and is proven to be cost-effective pipe material

County Materials' manufactures a complete line of reinforced concrete pipe, box culverts, apron end walls, manholes, lift stations, catch basins and other precast concrete products used in construction. Because of it's superior durability, strength and joint system performance, concrete pipe and precast products remain the choice for engineers and owners of drainage and sanitary sewer projects.

Why choose Concrete Pipe?

Amer-I-line Concrete Pipe

Amer-I-line Concrete Pipe

Amer-I-Line Concrete Pipe are manufactured with an integral liner that provides an economical alternative for corrosive environments featuring storm water and sewer management systems and structures.



  • Arched spans from 12’ to 42’
  • Precast Wing Walls
  • Precast Head Walls (attached or detached)
  • Precast retaining wall using the earth anchor design (no tie backs)
  • Formliner can be applied to headwalls and wingwalls to create many architectural features
Concrete Box Culverts & Aprons

Concrete Box Culverts & Aprons

Recommended for installations where circular or elliptical concrete pipe cannot provide adequate flow capacity. They also work well as substitutes for short span bridges and multi-barrel culverts and drains.

Elliptical Reinforced Concrete Pipe

Elliptical Reinforced Concrete Pipe

Elliptical concrete pipe is fast becoming an equal or even superior substitute for RCP-A specified pipe. It offers a watertight connection and more secure joint assembly than arch pipe in a wide range of conditions.

Gasketed & Non-Gasketed Pipe

Gasketed & Non-Gasketed Pipe

Reinforced concrete pipe offers an impressive record of strength and durability, and is the most economical and reliable choice for drainage materials available today.

Precast Concrete Products

County Materials offers a range of concrete precast products including: Columns and Beams, Manholes, Catch Basins, Box Culverts, Septic Tanks, Temporary Highway Barriers, Specialty Products and Structures, Precast Modular Jail Cells, Top and Base Slabs.

Round Reinforced Concrete Pipe

Round Reinforced Concrete Pipe

Recommended for installations where low, moderate or severe cover and/or live load conditions exist. Retention of shape to minimize stoppage is necessary.