What is the significance of Genesis Face-Mix Technology™?

County Materials utilizes Genesis Face-Mix Technology™ to manufacture beautifully designed pavers and slabs with long-lasting color, superior strength and resistance, and unique surface textures backed by the strength and longevity of quality concrete.
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Face-Mix TechnologyTM provides more than surface beauty.

Genesis Face-Mix Technology ensures long-lasting color, superior strength and resistance, and unique surface textures. Our pavers and slabs repel stains and withstand everyday wear and tear.

The fine finish of these pavers features a permanent and integrally-blended layer of our high-strength concrete mix.

It’s the perfect combination of vibrant color pigments and dense surface materials. Choose high-quality, long-lasting pavers and slabs without compromising design or aesthetics.

Each unit is designed to withstand the wear, tear, weathering and abrasion that occurs in a high-traffic area exposed to the elements. We concentrate the purest color pigments, finest aggregates, and densest concrete mix in the top surface layer of each paving stone where it is visible and matters most.

What is the significance of Genesis Face-Mix TechnologyTM ?

It’s provenance, a beginning, carving potential into substance.

County Materials’ landscape products are designed to create a space where fond memories begin. Our team believes in offering quality products that invoke our customers to spend time celebrating with friends and family in their inspiring outdoor living spaces.

County Materials’ commitment to quality derives from our talented team of people who believe in delivering unparalleled craftsmanship, attention to detail, and customer service.

Our Genesis Face-Mix Technology produces high strength pavers and slabs with nonfading colors and natural beauty that stands the tests of time. County Materials’ concrete pavers are inherently strong, and our Genesis Face-Mix Technology adds extra surface superiority to ensure customer satisfaction for years to come.

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