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    Permeable pavers are widely recognized as an effective solution for reducing total suspended solids (TSS) levels in storm water to EPA-mandated standards.
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Grass Pavers

Heavyweight strength with a lightweight look

County Materials' permeable Grass Paver prevents erosion by stabilizing the soil while keeping an eye on your budget... and the environment.

County Materials' permeable Grass Paver is for the consumer who is looking for an " invisible driveway," a path as strong as standard paving without the heavy, permanent look.


  • Ideal solution for municipal and commercial projects.
  • Wide enough for a comfortable, easy-to-install walkway while easily piecing together with other units for more ambitious projects such as driveways, boat landings or parking areas.
  • Grass Pavers are ideal for quickly returning groundwater to local aquifers.


  • Concrete lattice features 50 percent open weave in 16- by 16-inch block.
  • Plant grass or gravel in block's open cores.
  • Lets storm water return to the local water table more quickly.
  • An economic intermediary between gravel and full concrete.
  • Ideal for RV/boat parking areas.
  • Good for driveway to a backyard storage shed.
  • Use as boat landings.
  • Helps keep local aquifers free of potentially harmful chemicals of asphalt.

Grass Paver Unit

Grass Paver new 2017


16" D x 3 5/8 " H x 16" L

Colors, product data, and availability are subject to change without notice. Please confirm all details with a County Materials representative for availability in your area. Colors shown may vary from actual hues and should only be used as a guide. Refer to actual product samples for final color selection.

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