Skylands™ Concrete Deck Pavers Skylands™ Concrete Deck Pavers

Heightened Luxury

Raise the status of your roof or patio area with Skylands™ Concrete Deck Pavers. Adjustable pedestals allow for easy installation and can turn pitched roofs into a flat usable surface. Skylands™ units are lighter than the industry average; the nominal 24” x 24” x 2” slabs are 24lbs/sq. ft. Building owners are turning to concrete deck pavers for enhancing previously unusable spaces because of their many advantages:

• Prevents water damage with open joints

• Lengthens roof membrane by stopping harmful UV rays

• Seamlessly integrates with green roof features

• Roof components below stay easily accessible


For on grade applications

* Textured paver and patio stone surfaces require a buffer between the plate compactor and the paver surface to prevent scuffing. Refer to County Materials’ Interlocking Concrete Paver or Slab Installation Guidelines, or contact County Materials for information.

skylands installtion diagram

aerial installation line art modified 110816     


side view installation line art modified 110816


1- Roof Drain

2- Slab

3- Adjustable Paving Support

4- Waterproofing Membrane

5- Thermal Isolation

6- Concrete Slab

7- Pipes

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