County Materials’ Supports Custom Canines Heroes for Heroes Program
Octubre 22, 2021

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County Materials’ Supports Custom Canines Heroes for Heroes Program

Custom Canines Service Dog Academy, located in Madison, WI, is dedicated to creating and supporting lasting partnerships between service dogs and veterans who rely on their companionship to enhance their quality of life. 

Upon returning home from their service, many veterans experience symptoms of anxiety, depression, PTSD, and other mental health diagnosis. Custom Canines’ Heroes for Heroes program pairs trained service dogs with veterans to aid them throughout their healing and wellness journey. Service dogs provide stability and emotional support during times of heightened emotions. Matches are selected based on the owner’s capabilities, lifestyle, mobility, personality, and psychological needs. Owner training services are available for veterans who have a dog at home, allowing them to take on a larger, more significant role in their owner’s life. 

Bob, a veteran who suffered from PTSD, was approached by a friend and asked to raise and train Anke to be a service dog within the program. Despite his progress, continued support, and passion for training dogs, Bob was alone and continued to face challenges. As his frustration grew, Bob realized Anke empowered him and others around him noticed their connection. Custom Canines wanted to give back to Bob for helping fellow veterans for the past 40 years and gave Anke to Bob as a full-time service dog. 

This year, in celebration of our company’s 75th anniversary, County Materials is committed to share 75 Stories of Impact, featuring organizations that receive funding from the Sonnentag Foundation and are part of the communities where we have locations. 

Anke and bob