Nowhere is the strength of our organization’s commitment to corporate stewardship more evident than in our focus on our employees’ wellness. In 2012, we introduced Explore Wellness — a health and wellness program for our employees and their families designed to help you explore what personal wellness means to you.

The program is designed to:

•  Improve the lives of our team members
•  Get employees and their families more involved in actively managing their health
•  Work closely with our health partners to provide a coordinated, far-reaching effort to engage employees and family members
•  Provide quality resources, education and incentives that motivate people to make positive lifestyle changes and live healthier and happier lives.

Having healthy, productive employees is critical to business success, but employees and their families need to be motivated to increase healthy behaviors and use support programs. Explore Wellness helps provide both the motivation employees need and the appropriate support. In these and other ways, we are striving to promote a high-achieving workforce that successfully manages both personal and professional responsibilities.

The Explore Wellness program currently offers quarterly programs to encourage our employees to challenge themselves to focus on their individual health and wellness. Employees can earn Explore Wellness Credits for successful participation.

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