Jacob, Prestress Sales Representative-Roberts, WI

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Jacob, Prestress Sales Representative-Roberts, WI

What was your job in the military and where have you been stationed?

I was an infantryman stationed at Ft. Benning, GA; Camp Casey, South Korea; Ft. Campbell, Kentucky; and I spent 15 months in Afghanistan.

How did your military background prepare you for your current role at County Materials?

I feel like my time in the military gave me a sense of pride when it comes to work and plenty of values that I have carried over into my career at County Materials. My time in the Army most certainly taught me how to work as a team and how to take care of the people to my right and left. This has carried over into my work at County Materials in ways that allow me to be part of something much bigger than myself and to pay attention to the big picture. The military also taught me how to adapt and overcome situations that might seem impossible. When I started here, I had zero experience in this industry and had to learn quickly how to adapt in a new environment and work with so many different customers. I have used what I learned from leadership in the military to push myself to always continue learning, to continue growing, and to never quit, even if things look impossible.

Why did you choose to work at County Materials and what do you like about your job?

I chose to work for County Materials because I have always liked a challenge. Not having any experience meant that I would have to learn a new skillset quickly and be able to use that skillset in this position. I have always been a people person and thoroughly enjoy getting to work with new people almost daily, which is why I enjoy sales so much. I establish and grow new relationships and constantly strive to know my customers well. I am happy to say that I work for a company where I am surrounded by good and hard-working people every day.

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