True Craftsmanship with a Purpose

Outdoor living spaces are particularly sentimental areas of the home.

For dozens of years, the County Materials team has crafted long-lasting concrete landscape products that are used and loved by families across the country. From pavers and patio stones to retaining walls and step units, we are passionate about making products that form the spaces for fun and memory making.

Our team is dedicated to helping landscape professionals and homeowners create the designs of their dreams. 

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Finding Inspiration from Our History

Since our company was founded, County Materials’ team members have dedicated our talents to producing quality products for everyday people. Our story dates back to 1946, when after World War II, members of the Sonnentag family started a business hauling sand and gravel to area farms. Soon after, concrete blocks were manufactured for local communities, using a single machine in a humble Marathon, Wisconsin garage. Through the decades, our team has tackled economic challenges, fluctuating markets and changes within the industry with the same attention to detail, craftsmanship and care. We understand what it means to build a company of success. We believe in our team, stop at no length to produce trusted, long-lasting products, and deliver excellent service to our valued customers. Our commitment informed our company’s Vision; we stand for Success, Stability and Support. We are proud to contribute toward our customers’ dreams by helping to bring them to life, and foster a space they will enjoy for a lifetime.

We know that details matter. It’s why we designed our range of products to help build custom, comfortable, time-tested outdoor spaces. Our products are high-quality, long-lasting and manufactured to stand up to the effects of time, Mother Nature and every day wear and tear of family life. Beyond that, they are designed to beautifully complement your property and create an inviting space that makes your house a home.

Building a Lifetime of Memories

Our team understands how these spaces are really used: from the welcoming familiarity of your patio as you celebrate special occasions with friends, to the cozy, magnetic warmth of your outdoor fireplace that draws in your family on a cool late summer evening.

It’s the small moments that build lifelong memories.

Ultimately, that’s what motivates our team. That’s why we show up every day. We want to ensure that each of our products are made with care and precision, so our customers can continue to gather, play, entertain and relax in irresistible spaces. We have also dedicated ourselves to the betterment of our neighborhoods, community organizations, customers and team members for over 70 years. We work diligently every day to live our values, because we believe it makes a positive impact on our products and our people. Our customers trust that when they choose County Materials, they are partnering with an experienced, dedicated team willing to go the extra mile for life-long satisfaction.

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