Mark, Flat-Bed Driver

Mark, Flat-Bed Driver

“This is my 32nd year of driving,” said Mark Hlava. “After joining the County Materials team in 2017, I couldn’t be happier with where I am. I’ve worked for many trucking companies before coming to County Materials and it is totally different here, it’s better.”

Hlava is a Flat-Bed Driver for County Materials who has made the most of his career. Hlava is appreciative of the consistent hours and new opportunities County Materials offers him and the increased time he has at home. “When I’m working something is always moving, there is never any sitting around. Before coming to County Materials, I was only home ten weekends a year and now I have more time at home, better pay, and more competitive benefits,” said Hlava. “This last winter I had the opportunity to drive routes for County Materials’ Florida location, which was a new and exciting opportunity.”

Hlava appreciates having driving routes of varying lengths, some shorter and some longer, and having more flexibility with his driving time versus down time. 

“This is a great job, with great people. I can’t complain,” he said.