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We are proud to highlight everything that is happening in our company. Each day, our stories are shared on social media, our website, in printed literature, videos, presentations and more. Our stories can range from impressive product installations, to team member accomplishments or activities people are doing in local communities. We need your ideas and want to hear from you! It only takes a few minutes to submit a story for consideration.

Please click the links below to get started.

Step 1 - Submit Ideas

Share some background information for consideration: Click here to submit ideas

Step 2 - Photo Release

In order for the Marketing team to share photos on our website, social media or in marketing collateral, we must obtain permission. Select a link below for the appropriate photo release form. Submit the pdf version via email to:

Photo Release for Projects/Property
Photo Release for CPC Team Members
Step 3 - Project Details

If you are submitting a project or product story idea, please share more details that will be useful for a case study, project profile or award submission. Select a product divisions below that best relates to the project that you are providing details on.

Product Division:

Concrete Pipe
Bridge Girders
Insulated Sandwich Walls