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  • 6 Game-Changing Landscape Accessories for Your Yard

    6 Game-Changing Landscape Accessories for Your Yard

    The first step of landscape design is selecting the major elements, like products, colors, and textures. However, the job isn’t done when these foundational components are in place. If you want your landscape to make a statement, you need to include the right accessories. Here are several ways you can bring your yard to life.

    1. Smooth Edges with Crest™ Bullnose Pavers

    County Materials has a comprehensive collection of concrete landscape products, including Crest Bullnose Pavers. These pavers feature rounded edges that offer the perfect accent for steps, walls, and pillars. If you have a driveway or walkway, consider using these pavers to soften edges and add a sense of elegance to your yard.

    2. Protect Your Pool in Style with Prestige™ Pool Coping Pavers

    Every pool needs coping to preserve its structure and keep the water where it belongs. Pool coping can elevate landscape designs and create an upscale aesthetic. Use Prestige Pool Coping Pavers to provide a long, clean pool edge with clean, refined style. The pavers’ bullnose shape also softens lines, boosting visual appeal, and their curved design improves safety when entering or exiting the water.

    3. Achieve Lasting Results with Fire Ring Caps

    Use Fire Ring Caps to form a clean four-part circle to frame a fire pit. The units’ smooth surface and large size brings a sense of unification and order to your firepit. Manufactured using high quality concrete, our fire ring caps provide additional structural integrity to the fire pit that is easy to maintain over time.

    4. Complete Walls with Caps

    Walls have an important place in landscape design. You can use them to retain earth, create boundaries, and even provide seating. For any wall to look complete, it requires a cap. Make sure to add column and seat wall caps on any vertical wall structures in your yard.

    5. Accentuate Features with Burnished Wall Accents

    Try adding a burnished wall accent to a central wall element in your landscaping. The polished surface of each unit exposes natural aggregates that deliver a sparkling mineral emphasis to an otherwise uniform appearance.

    6. Maximize Presentation with Optimal Lighting

    Sunlight comes and goes throughout the day. Introduce a sense of visual control to your yard’s appearance by investing in lighting. From LED and halogen fixtures to Bluetooth controls and transformers, Alliance Outdoor Lighting can re-energize your paths and brighten your pool when dusk arrives.

    Boost your home’s curb appeal today with our landscape accessories and products. To learn more information, you can contact our Customer Service Team at (800) 242-7733.

  • County Materials Sponsors 2022 Spec Mix Bricklayer 500

    County Materials Sponsors 2022 Spec Mix Bricklayer 500

    The Spec Mix Bricklayer 500 is undoubtedly the most successful and popular masonry challenge in the nation. At each regional SPEC MIX Bricklayer 500 competition, ten professional masons can work hard to earn a spot in the World of Concrete Bricklayer 500 in Las Vegas, Nevada, which will take place in February 2023. Local high school students are also given the opportunity to compete in the Junior Bricklayer event, which is held in conjunction with regional Bricklayer 500 contests.

    County Materials is proud to sponsor this great event. As a Gold Level sponsor, County Materials supported the masonry industry and the ten professional masons and ten high schools that participated in the event.

    Our sponsorship helped six high school teams compete in the Junior Bricklayer 500. This event introduces high school students to the masonry industry and provides them a valuable hands-on learning experience.

    Why the Bricklayer 500?

    County Materials sponsored the Bricklayer 500 Wisconsin regionals to engage high school students in the masonry and construction industry. The event not only introduced students to the industry but also educated them on the benefits of working in this rewarding field.

    The event also helps students realize they can start building their careers in the industry right after graduating high school, allowing them to earn competitive wages, develop hands-on skills, and seek opportunities for growth.

    County Materials understands that contributing to the development of the next generation of masons is critical to the industry. We connect with local high school students at these events and generate more interest and excitement in the manufacturing and construction industries.

    The Results

    Mike Schlund of Kowalski Masonry took first place in the Wisconsin regionals for the second consecutive year. This win earned him a place in the World of Concrete Bricklayer 500 in Las Vegas.

    Students from D.C. Everest edged out Kimberly High School (2nd) and Marathon High School (3rd) for the Junior title. The competition was scored on the overall quality of the wall and the total number of bricks laid. Students from all three teams, as well as other schools, gained valuable workforce development experience.

    County Materials is proud to be a Gold Level sponsor and looks forward to supporting events in the future. Check out our Careers page to learn more about the opportunities we have available.

    Together, we’re building a company that hardworking people are proud to work for, live near, and do business with since 1946.

  • Projects Featuring County Materials’ Concrete Landscape Products Earn Recognition at the 2022 Hardscape North America Awards

    Projects Featuring County Materials’ Concrete Landscape Products Earn Recognition at the 2022 Hardscape North America Awards

    County Materials congratulates its partners Earthworks Landscaping and The Reesman Company on earning honorable mentions in the 2022 Hardscape North America Awards. Hardscape North America is a premier tradeshow and educational event for landscape contractors, dealers, and professionals. In 2022, the event drew 204 entries across 18 categories.

    Earthworks Landscaping earned honorable mentions in the categories of Concrete Pavers - Residential (less than 3,000 SF) and Concrete Pavers -Residential (more than 3,000 SF). More than 7,000 SF of County Materials’ Grand Discover® XL Pavers, Discover® Pavers, and Elements™ Paving Stones in various colors and shapes were used to transform the Peaceable Hill Road Residence in Hudson, Wisconsin. Discover Pavers in Majestic formed a circular driveway leading up to the house. Complementing Elements pavers in two contrasting colors formed a border around the driveway and a pathway to the front door. Extra-long Grand Discover XL Pavers in Vision created the main pool deck, with a border made of Elements Paving Stones in Reflection.

    Durable concrete pavers withstand high traffic and variable weather, making them an ideal choice for homeowners seeking long-term solutions for creating dynamic outdoor living spaces. County Materials’ concrete landscape products provide unmatched design flexibility to achieve creative landscape designs.

    The Reesman Company earned an honorable mention in Segmental Retaining Walls – Commercial category. Milwaukee Tool is in the midst of building a research and development campus in Menomonee Falls, WI, and The Reesman Company installed a retaining wall system at the site that was manufactured by County Materials. Pinnacle Engineering Group was the designer.

    County Materials is an industry-leading manufacturer of concrete construction and landscape products. We have been recognized at Hardscape North America for eight consecutive years. Our team congratulates the contractors and manufacturers who received awards and honorable mentions at this year’s event.