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  • County Materials Leads through Innovation and Service as a Masonry Construction Material Supplier

    County Materials Leads through Innovation and Service as a Masonry Construction Material Supplier

    When engineering and constructing a building, architects and designers have several factors to consider. Materials need to offer minimum maintenance, strong fire and wind resistance, be an effective barrier to sound and temperature, and offer versatile aesthetic options at an economic price point.

    Time and time again, architects, builders, designers and construction professionals turn to masonry products to build robust and attractive buildings easily, and within their budget. For 75 years, County Materials has supplied industry leading masonry materials to contractors and builders across the country.

    County Materials Masonry History
    In 1946, County Materials started making concrete masonry units with a single block machine in Marathon County, Wisconsin. As a family-owned manufacturer, County Materials has always concentrated on supplying the best possible product for our customers. Today, we employ a team of 1,500 people in over 40 locations across the country and are a leader in manufacturing and delivering concrete construction and landscape products.

    Innovative Masonry Solutions
    County Materials has dedicated 75 years to offering masonry products that meet the needs and demands of growing communities across the country. Though we find inspiration from our history, we also seek feedback from our customers and are actively involved in industry organizations to ensure that we continue to adapt our product offerings to best meet the needs of our customers.

    Our product line is continually enhanced and improved upon, innovating in areas such as finish, size, ease of installation, and resilience. Our product lines range from timeless splitface CMUs, to sophisticated Premier Ultra Burnished, to readily available and cost-effective Heritage Collection Designer Concrete Brick, to Reflection Stone Masonry that mirrors natural stone textures and scale. Throughout the history of our company, the County Materials team has served as a pioneer in crafting and introducing sought-after masonry products.

    Supplier of High Demand Masonry Products
    County Materials manufactures and supplies distinctive masonry products. We are known for offering one of the most diverse and largest masonry product lines available in the market, and we are committed to helping growing communities build with the products that best suit their needs. Customers have the choice of a variety of shapes, sizes, facing options and colors, backed by the quality and longevity of masonry construction materials.

    We manufacture a wide range of masonry products including standard size CMUs, architectural and decorative CMUs, load bearing, full and thin veneers and more. County Materials also offers a large selection of masonry construction materials so design and construction professionals have a single materials resource to contact. As the largest supplier of clay brick in the state of Wisconsin, County Materials represents more than 30 clay brick manufacturers in the industry. Additionally, we carry numerous lines of natural and manufactured stone, mortars, tools and related masonry accessories to ensure construction professionals have everything they need to get the job done.

    Masonry products withstand natural and manmade elements, offering unprecedented durability. Their strength, combined with natural beauty, stands the test of time.

    Unmatched Customer Service and Support
    Our sales and customer service teams are here to support customers through finished projects. Whenever customers have a question, our team offers resources, information and support. Our skilled drivers deliver products to job sites and stocking yards to meet lead times. We offer guidance and resources for industry recommended installation practices to ensure a project’s success.

    Our team members have industry experience and are further backed by the depth of information available on our website, including product specs, technical data, case studies, project galleries, downloadable catalogs, and industry information including NCMA’s TEK Solutions Center with Construction Details and Design Resources.

    We’re active in our industry associations and we help drive awareness to industry recommended masonry construction practices, potential trade and skilled labor career opportunities, and we give back to local communities through masonry training and product donations.

    We Put Partnerships First
    At County Materials, we invest in the success of our customers and end users. We lead the market in masonry innovation, but we don’t stop there. Our strong, resilient and aesthetically pleasing products are backed by the support and knowledge of our dependable team. Our job is not finished until our customer’s project is completed successfully. Our customers trust that when they choose County Materials, they are partnering with an experienced, dedicated team that is willing to go the extra mile.



  • County Materials Partners with Grace Place Emergency Shelter to Eradicate Hunger and Homelessness in Western Wisconsin

    County Materials Partners with Grace Place Emergency Shelter to Eradicate Hunger and Homelessness in Western Wisconsin

    Based in the St. Croix River Valley, Grace Place Emergency Shelter assists over 350 individuals each year as they face some of the most challenging times of their life. The shelter remains open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to welcome new residents and assess their situations, helping to provide the best service and care possible. Upon arrival, individuals are matched with a case manager who works alongside them to develop and accomplish goals, such as finding employment, attending mental or physical health appointments, ensuring resources are applied for, and helping them find safe long-term housing. Grace Place case managers approach the path to healing and independence in a way that makes sense for each unique resident and their family.

    With the community’s support, Grace Place added a new position to their team last year, a Housing Navigator responsible for finding and securing safe, reliable housing for residents leaving Grace Place. With the addition of this position, Grace Place has established new partnerships with landlords across the St. Croix River Valley who are dedicated to assisting residents as they transition into a life of independence.

    Katie’s Story:
    After losing her home and custody of her child, Katie became homeless and increasingly hopeless. Without a sense of stability in her life or financial support to get help, Katie’s debilitating medical conditions worsened. She felt stuck without an end in sight and knew it was time to get help.

    Katie came to Grace Place, where she received a safe, comfortable place to sleep each night and a case manager dedicated to helping her get back on her feet. She came to the shelter with two goals: finding permanent housing and regaining custody of her daughter. Because Katie had been homeless for an extended period of time and faced additional adversities, her case manager was able to put her on the state’s list for specialized housing. Grace Place helped Katie get into an apartment of her own, completely paid for through the Permanent Support Housing program, which has an open-ended timeline, so Katie can stay there as long as it takes. With a place to call home and support from her case manager, Katie regained custody of her daughter. “The day I got the call, I didn’t believe it was true. Getting into an apartment was the last piece I needed to get my daughter back. I’m so grateful for Grace Place and all of their help,” reflects Katie.

    Each year, County Materials, through the Sonnentag Foundation, provides support to eradicate hunger and homelessness in the communities where the company has locations. Our company is proud to host an annual golf outing event, where all contributions are donated to organizations and causes supported by the Sonnentag Foundation in four areas: including Hunger and Homelessness Support, Military Personnel and Veteran Support, Sexual Abuse and Domestic Assault Services, and Youth Mentoring and Skills Building. Since the event started 14 years ago, more than $1.6 million has been donated to deserving programs.

  • Advantages of Skylands Concrete Deck Pavers

    Advantages of Skylands Concrete Deck Pavers

    In urban areas especially, every square foot counts. County Materials’ Skylands Concrete Deck Pavers transform lost rooftop spaces into stunning outdoor patios for apartment residents. Birdtown Flats, an apartment complex outside of Minneapolis, MN, used Skylands to build a luxurious rooftop deck for its tenants. Transforming this roof into functional space not only increased property and resale values, but it will continue to serve as a major selling-point for future tenants.

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