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  • Ready-Mix Concrete Makes Florida Farm Gator-Ready

    Ready-Mix Concrete Makes Florida Farm Gator-Ready

    Bay Lake Farm raises alligators for food. The farm, located near Groveland, FL, recently added a processing slab where they prepare the gator meat for market. It was poured by Concrete Life Construction of Center Hill, FL, using 25 cubic yards of County Materials’ Ready-Mix Concrete with fiber mesh added for enhanced resiliency.

    Farms can be challenging work environments, and farm structures need to be built of tough materials that will endure over time. Agricultural construction professionals rely on ready-mix concrete for its lasting performance. Structures built with ready-mix are resistant to natural and manmade elements, including livestock damage, rodent infestations, machinery, chemicals, and harsh weather. With minimal maintenance, concrete can have a service life of 30 years or more.

    In addition, a concrete surface made with ready-mix will reduce energy expenses during its lifetime because it absorbs and releases heat, reducing temperature fluctuations and controlling heat loss or gain. Plus, the light-reflective gator processing slab will minimize the heat-island effect and reduce the need for additional lighting, while improving visibility and safety.

    The choice of ready-mix will also provide many additonal benefits to Bay Lake Farm, including fire resistance, low emissions, and disease control. Plus, County Materials’ Ready-Mix is locally sourced, so waste and transportation emissions were minimized during the processing slab’s construction.

    To order County Materials’ Ready-Mix Concrete for your next project, contact our Customer Service Team at (352) 343-8488, option 3.

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  • Why Ready-Mix Concrete is an Unmatched Construction Solution

    Why Ready-Mix Concrete is an Unmatched Construction Solution

    Industry professionals prefer ready-mix concrete for its enhanced versatility and structural reliability. Ready-mix can be used for various structural and decorative applications using admixtures and stamping tools. Concrete paving can be used for patios, interior floors, long-lasting driveways, and parking lots.

    Extended Service Life

    With the right mix and proper installation, ready-mix can resist natural and manmade elements, including livestock damage, rodent infestations, machinery, and inclement weather, for at least 30 years. County Materials provides specifically designed, environmentally conscious concrete mixes to withstand the tough conditions of an agricultural environment and is also an ideal solution for commercial, municipal, and residential applications. Our concrete is also preferred because of its strength during hurricanes, resistance to termites and mold, and added safety from fire. Concrete is poured with expansion joints to preserve its appearance, and its design flexibility is unmatched. With an extended service life, ready-mix requires minimal maintenance and resists age, wear, and weather.

    Structural Versatility

    Our concrete can be used for Industrial Floors and Tilt Panels where structural integrity is a must. We also supply Self Consolidating, Pervious, Lightweight, or Colored Concretes to meet the needs of your projects.

    Our tilt-wall concrete is great for large buildings for its simple efficiency, and our self-consolidating concrete flows easily into tight and constricted spaces. Pervious concrete has a high porocity and is specified for walkways, parking lots, drainage structures, and lakeside homes for its strength and permeability. Structural lightweight concrete has been used successfully for bridge decks, piers and beams, slabs, and wall elements in both steel and concrete frame buildings because of its improved insulation properties. For a variety of projects, our ready-mix concrete is an effective and economic solution.

    Use County Materials' Ready-Mix for your next project by contacting our Customer Service Team at (352) 343-8488, option 3.

  • Skills Development and Team Bonding are Solid Investments

    Skills Development and Team Bonding are Solid Investments

    Members of County Materials' Landscape and Masonry sales team recently participated in a sales training and team building event at Dale’s Weston Lanes.

    Inside and outside sales representatives honed their selling skills during a sales training session. Afterward, team members enjoyed refreshments and a few rounds of bowling in Wisconsin’s second-largest bowling center.

    At County Materials, we know that our talented and dedicated team members are the foundation of our success. As part of our commitment to investing in our people, we provide both on-the-job skills training for new team members as well as ongoing skills development opportunities. In addition, we host a wide variety of team-building events to build camaraderie and cultivate a positive workplace culture.

    Together, we're building a company that hardworking people are proud to work for, live near, and do business with since 1946.