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    Specializing in Aggregates, Concrete & Construction Materials County Materials’ Testing Laboratory specializes in comprehensive sampling, testing and failure analysis for aggregates, concrete and related construction materials.
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ASTM Testing Capabilities

All testing is performed in accordance with ASTM, AASHTO, ACI and D.O.T.
guidelines or design specification requirements.


ASTM C29 Test method for bulk density and voids
in aggregate
ASTM C40 Test method for organic impurities in
fine aggregate
ASTM C87 Test method for effect of organic
impurities in fine aggregate on mortar
ASTM C88 Test method for soundness of aggregate
by sodium sulfate or magnesium
ASTM C117 Materials finer by No. 200 sieve in
aggregates by washing
ASTM C127/128 Density and absorption of coarse/fine aggregate
ASTM C131 Resistance to degradation of small size
coarse aggregate by abrasion and impact in L.A. machine
ASTM C136 Sieve analysis of fine and coarse
ASTM C142 Clay lumps and friable particles in
ASTM C1252 Uncompacted void content of fine

ASTM C31 Curing concrete test specimens in field
ASTM C39 Compressive strength of cylindrical
concrete test specimens
ASTM C138 Density, yield and air content of concrete
ASTM C143 Slump of hydraulic cement concrete
ASTM C173 Air content of freshly mixed concrete by
volumetric method
ASTM C231 Air content of freshly mixed concrete by
pressure method
ASTM C403 Time of setting of concrete mixtures by
penetration resistance
ASTM C642 Density, absorption and voids in
hardened concrete
ASTM C672 Scaling resistance of concrete surfaces
exposed to deicing chemical
ASTM 1064
Temperature of freshly mixed hydraulic-
cement concrete
ASTM C1074
Estimating strength at concrete by
maturity method
ASTM C1231 Compressive strength of hardened
concrete cylinders
ASTM C1611 Slump flow of SCC concrete
ASTM C1621 Passing ability of SCC by J-Ring
ASTM C1688 Density and void content of pervious

ASTM C109 Compressive strength of hydraulic
cement mortars
ASTM C185 Air content of hydraulic cement mortar
ASTM C187 Normal consistency of hydraulic cement
ASTM C191 Time of setting of hydraulic cement by
Vicat needle
ASTM C266 Time of setting of hydraulic cement paste by Gillmore needles
ASTM C430 Fineness of hydraulic cement by
No. 325 sieve
ASTM C1019 Test methods for sampling and
testing grout
ASTM C1437 Flow of hydraulic cement mortar

ASTM C90 Loadbearing concrete masonry units
ASTM C140 Sampling and testing concrete
masonry units
ASTM C936 Solid concrete interlocking paving units
ASTM C1372 Dry cast segmental retaining wall units
ASTM C1403 Test method for rate of water absorption of masonry mortars

ASTM C1194 Compressive strength of architectural
cast stone
ASTM C1195 Absorption of architectural cast stone
ASTM C1364 Architectural cast stone

ASTM Testing Capabilities

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