Telebelt® Material Conveyor

The Telebelt® is a versatile conveyor belt/discharge system that utilizes an extendable boom to discharge product in hard to reach places. The equipment sets up and operates in under 16’ heights, and the telescoping boom extends to 105 feet with a net reach equivalent to a 36 meter pump. Unlike the pump, however, the Telebelt’s® discharge boot produces a smooth surge-free flow with no jumping around, eliminating the need for extra manpower to control the device, and the Telebelt® can handle concrete from 0 to 12-inch slumps. In fact, much of the operation is done via a handheld remote control.

The Telebelt goes beyond discharging concrete, however. Using the same setup, the Telebelt can also discharge sand or other aggregate material up to and including 4” rocks from the 18” wide conveyor. The equipment can output up to 360 yards per hour and is ideal for high volume jobs. Cleanup requires only water, so the machine can be used for multiple purposes on the site and quickly and easily moves from one location to the next virtually without interruption. A charge hopper can also be attached to the conveyor to enable feeding of rock or fill material directly by payloader from a dump truck.

For more information on how you can use the Telebelt to simplify your difficult jobs, call 1-800-289-2569 and ask for Dispatch.

* Concrete slump or weight of material being conveyed, and incline of the telescoping belt, will decrease placement rates from the theoretical output ratings listed above. Well-planned conveyor placement operations can achieve 60% to 80% of the theoretical output rating. Mulch and some fill materials have slower placement rates than stone or concrete.

Perfect placement solutions for:

  • Footings (concrete and stone done the same day, often from the same setup.
  • Tilt-up panels and floor slabs.
  • Foundations
  • Warehouse slabs
  • Bridge decks
  • Backfill projects
  • Sediment encapsulation
  • Rough terrain
  • Outdoor slabs
  • Mat pours
  • Landscape projects
  • ICF construction projects
  • Wet/poor job site conditions


  • 105-ft. horizontal reach
  • 90-ft. reach at 30° incline
  • Net reach beyond outriggers
    • at 0°: 97-ft. / 0 in
    • at 30°: 84-ft. / 2 in.
  • Theoretical output rating:
    360-cyds. / hour*
  • Output rating at 20° incline: 228-cyds. / hour*
  • Handles zero-slump to 12-in. slump concrete
  • Places materials from sand size to 4-in. rock
  • Operates at low (16-ft.) clearances
Telebelt® Material Conveyor

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American Concrete Institute Certified Concrete Contractors

ACI Concrete Flatwork Certification Program

County Materials is a strong advocate for continuing education and a leader in providing industry resources and education for our customers.

The ACI began the Concrete Flatwork Finisher/Technician certification program in 1987 to provide a basis for certifying concrete finishers and improve the quality of concrete construction. More project owners and construction professionals specify that contractors have ACI-certified flatwork finishers onsite performing the work; they recognize the value of using ACI-certified finishers and technicians. ACI recertification is necessary every five years, and requires successful completion of a written examination. More information about the ACI Concrete Flatwork Certification Program is available at:

The following professional concrete contractors have successfully completed the American Concrete Institute (ACI) Concrete Flatwork Certification Program:
(Year listed after each certified business indicates the year they achieved certification)

  • Alan Iatonni Masonry (Irma, WI) Ph 715.297.776
  • Firkus Masonry (Stevens Point, WI) (2015)
  • Huotari Construction Ph 715.748.4000
  • SK Masonry (Stevens Point, WI) Ph 715.340.4449

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