Ready-Mix Concrete

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Ready-Mix Trucks

Ready-mixed concrete combines consistent cement, strong aggregates, properly shaped fines and the right chemical and mineral admixtures. Whether it is concrete with color, accelerators, fibers, or with super plasticizers, our computer-dispatching centers and technical support ensure that our product reaches specified strengths consistently, is easily finished, and provides the perfect building material to last a lifetime.

Truck Specification

County Materials operates a fleet of front-discharge ready-mix trucks.

  • Average Width: 9 ft 4 in
  • Average Length: 36 ft
  • Average Height: 12 ft 9 in
  • Average Weight (Empty): 30,000 lbs
  • Average Weight (Full): 78,000 lbs
  • Average Rear Discharge
    Chute Length: 16 ft
  • Average Front Discharge
    Chute Length: 20 ft
Ready-Mix Trucks

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