Ready-Mix Concrete

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Colored & Stamped Concrete

County Materials offers products for coloring and texturing concrete, including coloring agents and hardeners, colored cementitous toppings, stains, curing and sealing agents, coating and caulking materials, and treatments for exposing aggregates. Our coloring agents are available as integral, shake-on and stains. We also carry a complete line of stamping supplies and mat texturing tools.

Integral Ready Mix Concrete Colorant

Specially formulated pigments from County Materials make integral concrete coloring a truly simple and effective procedure.

Butterfield Color Hardners

Shake-on color hardeners are designed to add color to the surface of concrete. Hardeners are bull-floated into fresh concrete before finishing. Interstar color hardeners from County Materials have sand, cement and color pigment for increased surface durability.

Butterfield Color Release

Color releases simplify stamping fresh concrete surfaces. They are designed to create a lubricant and release membrane between the stamping tool and the concrete surface.

Butterfield Color Stains

Color stains are a revolutionary product that changes plain concrete surfaces into works of art. They do so by penetrating the concrete and reacting with its minerals to create rich and luxurious tones. With this, you can achieve unique and multicolored finishes, even special effects that you would normally find in expensive flooring, but at a fraction of the cost. Color stains transform concrete surfaces to create stunning effects, even resembling the look of natural stone or even tile. Color stains from County Materials can bue used for both interior and exterior applications, either on existing or freshly cured concrete.


  • Ready-mix Concrete from County Materials Fulfills Form and Function and Revitalizes Backyard

    Ready-mix Concrete from County Materials Fulfills Form and Function and Revitalizes Backyard

  • Hwy Q Residence

    Hwy Q Residence

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  • Pulaski Rd. Residence

    Pulaski Rd. Residence

  • Town of Hull, Wis. Residence

    Town of Hull, Wis. Residence

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  • Copps Market, Stevens Point, Wis.

    Copps Market, Stevens Point, Wis.

  • Wilderness Dr. Residence

    Wilderness Dr. Residence

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  • Eagle Valley Ln. Residence

    Eagle Valley Ln. Residence

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  • Marathon Park Splash Pad

    Marathon Park Splash Pad

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