Ready-Mix Division

County Materials – A leading supplier of ready-mix and aggregate products

County Materials is a leading supplier of ready-mix concrete, dump truck services and aggregate supplies in Central Wisconsin. We are called upon to supply concrete for infrastructure, commercial and industry applications as well as residential and agricultural projects.

On-site and in-house Lab Services for quality control

Ongoing quality control testing services are performed at all of our sites. County Materials is continually evaluating new materials and reviewing mix designs and product performance to provide benefits to our customers that improve your productivity and efficiency.

Vast resources, quick response

A key ingredient in our success is our ability to combine the vast resources of a large company with the responsiveness of a small local supplier. Our Central Dispatch Center monitors every order and delivery transaction in real-time via satellite technology. This allows our dispatchers, and our customers, to track delivery vehicles from loading to their return to the plant following a delivery for maximum efficiency.

Service first

Product and technical capabilities are important, but we also know that the construction industry is a people business. Our sales staff work hard to build strong relationships with customers, understanding and responding quickly to their needs. Our quality products are backed by outstanding dispatchers, all managing orders throughout the day to get you the right product to the jobsite on time. And, our fleet of experienced drivers bring a service-first attitude to get products to a jobsite safely and quickly.

Central Region Ready Mix Dispatch telephone number: (715) 845-1365
Central Region Aggregate & Block Dispatch telephone number: (715) 870-4642

Agricultural Concrete

Agricultural Concrete

Whether it’s barnyard paving, manure pits, grain bins or silo pads, agricultural applications can be some of the most demanding working environments. County Materials provides specifically designed concrete mixes for these and many other applications.

Colored & Stamped Concrete

Colored & Stamped Concrete

County Materials offers products for coloring and texturing concrete, including coloring agents and hardeners, colored cementitous toppings, stains, curing and sealing agents, coating and caulking materials, and treatments for exposing aggregates. Our coloring agents are available as integral, shake-on and stains. We also carry a complete line of stamping supplies and mat texturing tools.

Concrete Stamping Tools & Supplies Rental Program

Concrete Stamping Tools & Supplies Rental Program

County Materials offers a collection of Butterfield Color stamp patterns and supplies that are available for rent to concrete professionals.

Contractor Training

Contractor Training

We offer hands on Contractor training seminars. Please contact us for program information & dates.

FIBERMESH<sup>®</sup> Micro-Reinforcement

FIBERMESH® Micro-Reinforcement

Fiber reinforcement has advanced light years in the past decade. County Materials offers a full line of fiber reinforcement from Propex Concrete Systems. Propex manufactures and markets the top fiber brands of Fibermesh, Novomesh and Novocon fibers for concrete.

Flowable Fill

Flowable Fill

Flowable Fill, technically called a “Controlled Low-Strength Material” (CLSM), is a fluid, self-leveling, low-strength material used for backfill and as a replacement for granular sub-base. Delivered in a ready mix truck, flowable fills ease of placement, labor savings, easy excavation and versatility make it the preferred fill for today’s time, safety, cost, and environmentally-aware contractors.

Lightweight Concrete

Lightweight concrete can offer economical advantages for engineering applications. Compared to normal weight concrete, with a density ranging from 140-150 lbs/ft3, structural lightweight concrete has an in-place density of 90-115 lbs/ft3. Structural lightweight concrete mixes can be designed to achieve strengths, durability and other performance characteristics that are similar to normal weight.

Pervious Concrete

Pervious Concrete

Pervious concrete is a special type of concrete with a high porocity used for concrete flat work. It allows water to pass through for drainage, yet it maintains it's strength. Possible uses include pedestrian walkways, parking lots, drainage structures and lakeside homes.

Ready-Mix Trucks

Ready-Mix Trucks

Ready-mixed concrete combines consistent cement, strong aggregates, properly shaped fines and the right chemical and mineral admixtures. Whether it is concrete with color, accelerators, fibers, or with super plasticizers, our computer-dispatching centers and technical support ensure that our product reaches specified strengths consistently, is easily finished, and provides the perfect building material to last a lifetime.

Self-Consolidating Concrete

Self-Consolidating concrete (SCC) is a high-performance concrete that can flow easily into tight and constricted spaces without segregating and without requiring vibration. The key to creating self-consolidating concrete (SCC), also referred to as self-compacting, self-leveling, or self-placing concrete, is a mixture that is fluid, but also, stable, to prevent segregation.

Telebelt<sup>®</sup> Material Conveyor

Telebelt® Material Conveyor

The Telebelt® is a versatile conveyor belt/discharge system that utilizes an extendable boom to discharge product in hard to reach places.

American Concrete Institute Certified Concrete Contractors

ACI Concrete Flatwork Certification Program

County Materials is a strong advocate for continuing education and a leader in providing industry resources and education for our customers.

The ACI began the Concrete Flatwork Finisher/Technician certification program in 1987 to provide a basis for certifying concrete finishers and improve the quality of concrete construction. More project owners and construction professionals specify that contractors have ACI-certified flatwork finishers onsite performing the work; they recognize the value of using ACI-certified finishers and technicians. ACI recertification is necessary every five years, and requires successful completion of a written examination. More information about the ACI Concrete Flatwork Certification Program is available at:

The following professional concrete contractors have successfully completed the American Concrete Institute (ACI) Concrete Flatwork Certification Program:
(Year listed after each certified business indicates the year they achieved certification)

  • Alan Iatonni Masonry (Irma, WI) Ph 715.297.776
  • Firkus Masonry (Stevens Point, WI) (2015)
  • Huotari Construction Ph 715.748.4000
  • SK Masonry (Stevens Point, WI) Ph 715.340.4449