Sign Post Base

The secure way to install signage

 Concrete sign post bases from County Materials are a cost effective, labor saving and stable method of replacing damaged poles due to vehicle or storm damage. Simply unthread the damaged pole, adjust base (if necessary) and rethread with replacement pole.

Sign post bases are the ideal solution for municipal, commercial and residential needs.


  • Street signs
  • Handicapped signs
  • Commercial signage
  • Parking meters
  • Metal fencing supports
  • Tennis or volleyball nets and fencing
  • Mailbox posts
  • Driveway reflector stakes
  • Birdhouse stakes (10' maximum height)
  • Clothesline posts
  • Temporary signage support
  • Flag poles (smaller flags)


  • 3200 PSI (min) strength in 28 days
  • 2" rigid conduit
  • 2" galvanized coupling threaded and welded
  • Full 24" deep
  • Weight 180 lbs.
  • Accepts rigid conduit pipe tread
  • Soil stabilization design
  • 3/8" rebar support reinforcements (two 8" long rebar pieces) 

Sign Post Base Top View

24" H x 11" W x 11" L
Sign Post Base Top View


For more information about this product, please contact us or call our National Customer Service Center at (800) 242-7733.

Sign Post Base

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