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Geotextile Fabrics

SRW landscape fabrics are versatile and can be used for soil separation, reinforcement, stabilization filtration, and weed restriction. There are many geotextiles and sizes to choose from for a wide range of applications.

Woven (Stabilization and Soil Separation Fabrics)

Polypropylene slit-film geotextiles utilized in applications such as separation of aggregate base materials and native soils in roadway construction, stabilization over soft soils and separation between dissimilar soils.

Non-woven (Filtration and Drainage Fabrics)

Needlepunched polypropylene fiber geotextiles utilized in site drainage, blanket drains and pipe joint wrapping and erosion control under rip rap.


Biaxial polyester geogrids in a variety of tensile strengths for demanding applications of soil reinforcements such as retaining walls, steep slopes and embankments and subgrade stabilization and reinforcement.

Erosion Control Blankets (ECB's)

Utilized as a means of protecting open soils from erosion and promoting establishment of a permanent vegetative cover.

Silt Fence

Temporary silt – control fence designed to prevent the release of silt contamination from construction sites to neighboring properties, streams and storm sewers.