Oversized 32” Concrete Masonry Unit

Achieve ultimate efficiency with an evolutionary concrete masonry solution.

County Materials manufactures standard and specialty concrete block units that meet industry standards. With the use of 8” x 8” x 32” or 12” x 8” x 32” CMUs, even the tightest of construction schedules can be met without sacrificing durability and strength.

Units may be customized with a center score, providing the appearance of two 16” units, or opt for the popular long linear look. Both units are interchangeable with all specials.

Refer to County Materials Masonry Designer’s Catalog for Standard and Special CMU shapes and sizes.  

Economic Solution

Maximize construction schedules while saving on materials and labor costs with County Materials’ 12” x 32” oversized CMU.

  • Increase efficiency with the power to lay the equivalent of two units at once
  • Reduce labor costs, as units drastically cut installation time
  • Maintain schedules as CMUs are consistently manufactured and delivered to meet project expectations, even when schedule changes arise

Consider the Advantages

  • 32” unit is interchangeable to complement our company’s extensive manufactured CMU product line. County Materials offers a complete solution.

  • Block is engineered to be used with a masonry hoist system or 2-man installation.

    • Hoist systems extend the careers of masons and appeal to younger generations by minimizing heavy lifting.

    • Technology lifts block at a consistent pace, further reducing installation time.

  • Fire Rating: 2 hours for both 8” x 8” x 32” and 12” x 8” x 32” units.

Also available in Light weight and Medium weight. Contact your local County Materials representative.

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Oversized 32” Concrete Masonry Unit

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