Insulating Concrete Masonry Units

County Materials offers Open Cell, Thermal Block, and Omni Block Insulating Units for your concrete masonry needs.

Open Cell Insulating Units

Open Cell Single Core units installed with insulating core materials enhance R-values and result in better energy performance for concrete masonry cavity wall construction. Open Cell units are manufactured with 3/4” webs that improve R-Values, increase occupant comfort levels, and lower energy and equipment costs over the life cycle of the building.

Open Cell units are NCMA & ASHRAE Approved.

Thermal Block Insulating Units

Thermal Block Insulating Units have rigid insulating inserts installed in them during the manufacturing process to reduce jobsite labor. Additional thermal protection between units may be installed in the field.

Omni Block Insulating Wall System

Omni Block is an insulated concrete wall system that combines the benefits of indigenous aggregates, Expanded Polystyrene foam insulation, thermal lag, and exposed thermal mass to be thermally efficient and achieve high R-values.

These units are available in Splitface, Smoothface, and Premier Ultra Burnished.

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Insulating Concrete Masonry Units

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