County Stone® Masonry Units

County Stone combines affordability, natural beauty and durability in a concrete veneer unit that elevates residential and commercial structures.

Distinguished Look & Durable Design

Add character to your next project with County Stone® Masonry Units. Our cutting-edge manufacturing process results in a masonry unit with a rough, hand-hewn appearance and unmatched strength. As a result, a project can achieve the character of natural stone but with a more economical cladding option. Manufactured with high-strength concrete, County Stone units are extremely durable, resistant to abuse, and will last the lifetime of any building.

Because of their advantages, County Stone is specified for interior and exterior applications. Their modular shape and variety of unit sizes allow for versatile design options. County Stone utilizes standard masonry techniques for installation, and are low maintenance, making them ideal for residential and commercial projects.

Natural Aesthetics

County Stone® Masonry Units are perfectly suited for cladding interior and exterior walls and creating a striking focal point.

Full-Body Color

County Stone® Masonry Units are available in solid and blended colors that complement and enhance any design, from traditional to modern. Our blended colors offer unique variations and marbling within each unit, and our manufacturing process ensures full color throughout the whole body of each unit.

County Stone® Masonry Units

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