StoneWall® SELECT® StoneWall® SELECT®

StoneWall® SELECT® lends depth, texture to your landscaping retaining wall

Work in the shadows with the highly textured, offset split face of StoneWall® SELECT® concrete retaining wall system, available from County Materials.

This unique block features a face that lets sunlight add unmatched depth to your wall. And StoneWall® SELECT® combines many of the finest elements of today’s concrete retaining-wall systems. Its mortarless installation makes it easier and faster to lay up, and its glass-filled polymer clips are corrosion-proof.

The double-cored block is user-friendly and easy to handle. Because every other block is splittable, it's efficient to field split units in half without a saw and accommodate steps, curves and corners.

Note: Basic Units A & B are ordered / shipped as a pair.

Basic Unit A

stonewall basic a  
12" D x 8" H x 16" L
70 lbs. each

Basic Unit B Splittable

Basic Unit B
12" D x 8" H x 16" L
70 lbs. each

StoneWall® SELECT®

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