MagnumStone® Retaining Walls

MagnumStone® Retaining Walls

Melding Visual Impact and Reliable Strength

MagnumStone is a large block, wet-cast retaining wall system for commercial and residential applications prioritizing functionality and aesthetics. Its engineered hollow core block design uses 40 percent less concrete than solid blocks, offering greater versatility and performance. 

Installing a MagnumStone Retaining Wall System is fast and straightforward. Each oversized unit covers 8 SF to help you do the job faster with reduced labor costs. Available in a variety of units, MagnumStone is designed for efficiency and accuracy. 


  • Gravity Wall
  • Geogrid Wall
  • Positive Connection
  • Plantable Wall
  • Cantilever Wall
  • Storm Water Management
  • Mechanically Stabalized Earth (MSE) Wall
  • Seawalls, Canal/Waterways

MagnumStone Unit Sizes Layout

    Use MagnumStone for your next project by contacting our Customer Service Team at (800) 242-7733. 

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    Latest News

    • County Materials Invests in Safety Through Iowa City Location Event

      County Materials Invests in Safety Through Iowa City Location Event

      On April 3, the County Materials’ Pipe Production Team in Iowa City, Iowa hosted their annual GUARD for Life Safety Stand Down event. This annual event emphasizes safe practices in the workplace and celebrates our team member’s ongoing commitment to making County Materials a safe, efficient, and rewarding place to work.

      This year’s Safety Stand Down featured presentations on the key aspects of safety and quality, such as uniforms and personal protective equipment (PPE), injury and accident prevention, and proper equipment handling.

      We would like to thank the individuals who coordinated this successful event for their hard work and commitment to safety. County Materials prioritizes the safety of our team members by hosting regular events and making resources readily available.

      Together, we're building a company that hardworking people are proud to work for, live near, and do business with since 1946. 

    • Florida Homeowners Choose Ready-Mix Concrete for Diverse Residential Applications

      Florida Homeowners Choose Ready-Mix Concrete for Diverse Residential Applications

      Ready-mix is a long-lasting, sustainable paving material well-suited for a variety of residential applications.

      Walkways and Driveways

      Ready-mix concrete is an ideal solution for high-traffic areas such as walkways and driveways. Its inherent strength and minimal maintenance requirements allow it to withstand harsh outdoor environments and frequent vehicle and foot traffic.


      Concrete pools are customizable and offer a variety of shapes, sizes, and depths, achieving almost any aesthetic. Ready-mix concrete is compatible with tile, concrete pavers, and a variety of pool deck materials. The use of shotcrete, a method of applying concrete projected at high velocity to form vertical or curved surfaces with high compressive strength, allows for variable depths, tight radiuses, and built-in seats and steps.

      Learn more about why you should use ready-mix concrete for your swimming pool project.


      Homeowners often choose ready-mix concrete for their patios and outdoor living areas because of the plentiful design options available. Colored and decorative ready-mix allows for customization and enhances any paving project.

      County Materials offers products for coloring and texturing concrete, including coloring agents and hardeners, colored cementitious toppings, stains, curing and sealing agents, coating and caulking materials, and treatments for exposing aggregates. Our coloring agents are available as integral, shake-on, and stains and are determined by specification.


      In addition to vehicle impact and fluctuating temperatures, years of exposure to chemicals like oil and gasoline can take a toll on any garage floor. Concrete provides a resilient surface that holds up against spills, drips, and impacts, remaining functional throughout the decades.

      County Materials supplies high-quality ready-mix for residential applications throughout Central Florida. For more information, call our Customer Service Team at (352) 343-8488.

    • Brightening Futures with Mentor Richland County

      Brightening Futures with Mentor Richland County

      Mentor Richland County’s vision is simple: to create brighter futures for the young people in their community. They accomplish this mission through intentional one-to-one mentoring relationships for school-aged children in need of individual attention or assistance. Experienced mentors invest in students for one hour a week through tutoring, encouraging, guiding, or just listening. Mentor Richland County intends for these relationships to have a life-long positive impact on young people who need the benefits of a supportive and caring mentor.

      County Materials partners with Mentor Richland County to help them achieve their vision. Our contributions directly support the mentors who work hard to meet the needs of the children in the program. We are grateful for organizations like Mentor Richland County that invest in young people and help them build a bright future.

      We support local organizations and causes through the Sonnentag American Foundation, emphasizing four key service areas: Hunger and Homelessness Support, Veteran and Service Member Support, Sexual Abuse and Domestic Assault Services, and Mentoring and Skills Building.