Integrity™ Retaining Wall System Integrity™ Retaining Wall System

Stability and Durability Combine for a High Performing Wall System

When it comes to achieving multi-level terraces, slope protection, or other impressive retaining wall elements, the Integrity™ Retaining Wall System is ideally suited for challenging applications.

The size and scale of Integrity Retaining Wall units make a bold and dramatic statement in larger outdoor spaces. With their built-in setback design, units offer efficient installation and provide a structurally sound, highly stable retaining wall.

Manufactured with high-density concrete, Integrity Retaining Wall units are also incredibly durable to resist frost and de-icing salts, and they are crafted with colorfast pigments to maintain their natural beauty year after year.

Integrity units are designed to install simply; filling their cores with aggregates provides extra stability and durability during construction. Manufactured with a natural looking splitface or weathered Rustic texture, and available in stunning color options from solid to blended mixes, the Integrity Retaining Wall System is an attractive and dependable solution for a wide range of landscaping applications.

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