SEK-Surebond Polysweep Polymeric Sand

Stabilize Joint Sand with the Ultimate Sand Stabilizers: PolySweep & X-treme Wide Joint PolySweep

Every interlocking pavement system requires the installation of joint sand to minimize paver movement, promote safety, and provide an aesthetically pleasing look. The process of joint sand stabilization leads to hardened sand within the pavement joints which in return helps to reduce sand washout, inhibit weed growth, and protect against insect infestation.

SEK-Surebond introduced PolySweep Polymeric Sand in 2009 due to inconsistent performance of some brands of polymeric sand. PolySweep with Clear Set TechnologyTM is made with only high-quality clear polymers and NO portland cement. You can be assured that PolySweep will not haze and perform consistently on every project.

Your Hardscape Project is Safe with the Haze Free Band: PolySweep Polymeric Sand

• Contains NO portland cement
• Contains only high-quality clear polymers blended with native sands
• Semi-solid joint remains freeze/thaw stable
• Designed specifically for pavers, cast stone pavements, slabs, and natural stone

• Made in the USA

Polysweep Polymeric Sand Video