PROSOCO Cleaners & Sealers

Clean, seal paver projects with PROSOCO

Time, traffic and contaminants can scar an otherwise fine paving project, so protect your job with PROSOCO cleaning and sealing products.


  • Stand Off® Paver Enhancer — Guards against efflorescence, mold and other water-related staining while bringing out the true, lustrous color of pavers.
  • Paver Kare® Deep Sheen — Hard, glossy, clear film protects concrete pavers from oils, cleaners, alkali and most common household chemicals.
  • Sure Klean® Custom Masonry Cleaner — Improves color depth and uniformity while cleaning tough construction staining from new retaining walls and paver projects.
  • Paver Kare® Maintenance Cleaner — Safely cleans and degreases lightly or heavily soiled concrete pavers; does so without harsh acids, caustics or solvents.
  • Paver Kare® Tire Mark Remover — Removes stubborn rubber tire skid marks, asphalt, grease, tar and more from concrete pavers without harsh acids, caustics or solvents.