Tranquility® Pavers Tranquility® Pavers

One of our distinctive New Product Series landscaping products. Crafted with advanced technology, Tranquility Pavers® will provide the utmost in beauty and durability to your project.


  • 5 different sizes for a random, natural appearance
  • Available in 6 Blended Colors
  • 70mm thick (2 3/4")
  • Sold by the layer
  • Manufactured with advanced technology


  • Driveways
  • Walkways
  • Patios
  • Paths
  • Pool decks
  • Steps

County Materials' manufacturing and packaging technology offers amazing advantages:

  • Rich color blends
  • Stunning surface textures
  • Higher surface density
  • Superior absorption resistance
  • Enhanced abrasion resistance

Refer to County Materials Landscape Product Guide for specific product details and patterns.


Tranquility Pavers® – Layer Pattern




  • Cty Rd S Residence

    Cty Rd S Residence

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  • Concrete Hardscape Materials Provide Natural Aesthetics and Unmatched Advantages

    Concrete Hardscape Materials Provide Natural Aesthetics and Unmatched Advantages

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  • Mallard Rd. Residence

    Mallard Rd. Residence

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  • Phillips Rd. Residence

    Phillips Rd. Residence

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  • Scenic Ln. Residence

    Scenic Ln. Residence

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  • Welcker Cliff Drive Residence

    Welcker Cliff Drive Residence

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  • Snowshoe Lane Residence

    Snowshoe Lane Residence

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  • Scotch Pine Road Residence

    Scotch Pine Road Residence

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  • Pineview Road Residence

    Pineview Road Residence

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  • Gossamer Way Residence

    Gossamer Way Residence

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  • County Road Z Residence

    County Road Z Residence

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  • Boulder Ridge Residence

    Boulder Ridge Residence

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  • Birchwood Residence

    Birchwood Residence

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  • River Edge Apartments

    River Edge Apartments

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  • Shenandoah Trail Residence

    Shenandoah Trail Residence

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  • Oak Ridge Dr. Residence

    Oak Ridge Dr. Residence

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  • West Prospect Ave Residence

    West Prospect Ave Residence

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  • Country Club Rd Business

    Country Club Rd Business

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  • Cty Rd PP Residence

    Cty Rd PP Residence

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  • Roosevelt St Residence

    Roosevelt St Residence

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Product Information:

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