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Your property doesn’t just frame your home. It’s a place for building memories with family, inviting guests over for poolside lounging and cookouts, and finding serenity. And whether you’re looking to elevate your curb appeal or build a stunning outdoor living space, we have a solution for you.

As you seek style, longevity, and design customization, turn to County Materials. We’ve been creating quality landscaping solutions that homeowners and professionals trust since 1946.

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About Our Concrete Pavers

We design dimensionally compatible pavers, each manufactured in four-inch increments. This design delivers a two-fold benefit. First, all pavers in this collection integrate seamlessly, allowing for straightforward installation. Second, this foundation sets the stage for custom designs using a broad spectrum of colors, sizes, and textures. Genesis Face-Mix Technology®: We bond high-strength face-mix to the base of each concrete paver. This increases durability, enhances color pigments, and meets industry standards for strength and absorption. The results are luxurious pavers that offer high compression strength and weather resistance.

Product Lines

We don’t just create captivating visuals. We craft pavers that evoke emotions and help you fully realize your outdoor living dreams. Get to know our concrete paver lines.

Dimensionally Compatible Pavers

Our dimensionally compatible family of pavers is a series manufactured in four-inch increments, allowing them to integrate effortlessly.

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