Grand Fusion Pavers bring a new level of interest and refinement to concrete pavers by combining two distinct textures into one module. Inspired by textures found in the home, Grand Fusion Pavers fuse the aesthetic of a structured surface, with alternating fields that replicate pebbled leather and striated textiles, and the enhanced performance of exterior concrete. Grand Fusion Pavers are larger in size and feature contemporary textures that provide a slip-resistant surface. 


CMC LS 2023 Icons Dimensional Capability 1147752447 BlackMix and match pavers from our dimensionally compatible lines for one-of-a-kind designs. Uniform height and compatible sizing maximize installation efficiency.


CMC LS 2023 Icons Genesis Facemix 1147752447 Black

Our Genesis Face-Mix Technology® creates pavers and slabs with brighter, longer-lasting colors and captivating surface textures.


grand fusion sample

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