Glow Path Technology™

Glow Path Technology™

Glow Path Technology enhances the safety and aesthetics of residential, commercial, and municipal paver applications by providing subtle illumination that lasts up to 8 hours. From creating striking pool deck accents to improving usage of frequently used pathways, the possibilities of luminescent technology are limitless. 

Consider the Advantages

Built-In Safety
Pavers manufactured with Glow Path Technology subtly illuminate pathways, promoting the safe use and enjoyment of outdoor spaces at night. Used in place of, or with, landscape lighting, these pavers increase safety with every step. 

One-of-a-Kind Look
Concrete pavers with Glow Path Technology are a modern, innovative concept. Home and business owners alike take notice of their distinct expression and use them in diverse applications. 

Variety of Applications
Glow Path Technology elevates the appearance of any project. In residential applications, pavers can be used to create contemporary pool decks, illuminated pathways, and other dimensional details. Pavers with Glow Path Technology also create inviting spaces for customers and are perfect for restaurant and bar patios.
Long Lasting Resilience

County Materials’ concrete pavers are manufactured to withstand the elements. Their reliable durability protects against staining, freeze/thaw cycles, and heavy wear. The units’ glow lasts up to 20 years, but the integrity of the paver itself can last several more decades. 

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Glow Path Technology™