High Performance Insulated Sandwich Wall Panels

Insulated Sandwich Walls are an efficient and economical material choice for various climates and large scale project applications that demand installation efficiency, lasting performance and economy.

For more than 70 years, County Materials has been manufacturing a diverse line of concrete construction products that are specified by industry professionals around the United States. Rely on our extensive knowledge, experience and manufacturing capabilities for prestress and precast products that include Insulated Sandwich Walls to Hollowcore Plank, Concrete Pipe and Precast Structures, Columns and Beams, and Bridge Girders.

County Materials offers engineering and design services, and the highest quality casting and delivery and installation services for any size project. Insulated Sandwich Walls are cast to meet the most exacting specifications. After the design phase, County Materials’ team, or your contractor erects your panels according to your plans. We handle casting, transportation, and installation with unmatched professionalism and speed.

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Insulated Sandwich Walls

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