Gasketed & Non-Gasketed Pipe

Time tested & trusted drainage solution

Reinforced concrete pipe offers an impressive record of strength and durability, and is the most economical and reliable choice for drainage materials available today.

County Materials' HE (Horizontal Elliptical) concrete pipe is produced with tongue and groove joints for packing with butyl gaskets to keep silt or soil from passing through the joint. HE or horizontal elliptical concrete pipe is recomended for installation where

  • Height or width restrictions exist
  • Greater capacity is required at shallow depths of flow (horizontal elliptical)
  • Higher flushing velocities are required at low flows (vertical elliptical)
  • Very high fills are encountered (vertical elliptical)

Proven performance

County Materials' gasketed HE pipe meets ASTM C-507 specifications for low-clearance pipe and has been successfully used on numerous state, county and local municipal projects.

Environmentally Friendly

Storm sewers carry rainwater, surface water, ground water, cooling water or other similar flows to a point of safe discharge. They help protect much of the land we use for agriculture, industry, transportation, residences and recreation. Gasketed HE pipe prevents the infiltration of silts and sands in the storm sewer line and reduces costly maintenance issues by ensuring cleaner ponds, lakes and rivers.

Suitable for a variety of applications

  • Storm drains
  • Culverts
  • Sanitary sewers
  • Underground stormwater retention structures
  • Pedestrian undercrossings (vertical elliptical)
  • Groundwater recharge systems
  • Jacked or tunneled installations

Improved Productivity & Efficient Handling

Gasketed elliptical pipe assures maximum joint security and allows workers to place pipe faster and with less effort by eliminating messy or time-consuming lubricant application.