Elliptical Reinforced Concrete Pipe

Elliptical concrete pipe is fast becoming an equal or even superior substitute for RCP-A specified pipe. It offers a watertight connection and more secure joint assembly than arch pipe in a wide range of conditions.

County Materials' elliptical reinforced concrete pipe is a time-tested solution for storm water and sewer drainage applications. Produced with prelubed gaskets, elliptical pipe prevents the infiltration and exfiltration of silts, sands and ground water by providing a watertight joint. With its maximum joint security, elliptical concrete pipe allows crews to place pipe faster and with less effort.

Recommended for installations where:

  • There are height or width restrictions
  • Higher flow capacities are needed at shallower depths (horizontal applications)
  • Higher flushing velocities are required at low flows (vertical applications)


  • Available in diameters ranging from
    18" through 90"


  • Storm drains
  • Culverts
  • Outfalls
  • Pedestrian tunnels (vertical applications)
  • Groundwater recharge systems
  • Jacked or tunneled installations
  • Underground stormwater retention structures
  • Installations with height or width restrictions

Applicable Specifications

ASTM C507/AASHTO M207 - Reinforced concrete elliptical culvert,
storm drain and sewer pipe