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    County Materials is the industry's source for concrete products that offer superior strength and lasting durability to meet stringent specifications. Our products are used with confidence by construction professionals every day.
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Product Features:

  • Arched spans from 12’ to 42’
  • Precast Wing Walls
  • Precast Head Walls (attached or detached)
  • Precast retaining wall using the earth anchor design (no tie backs)
  • Formliner can be applied to headwalls and wingwalls to create many architectural features


  • Railroad Overpasses
  • Airport Taxi Ways
  • Highway Overpasses and Underpasses
  • High fills


  • The arched shape uses a more efficient section. Section can be reduced and designed with less reinforcement than a flat top unit making it more economical
  • Environmentally friendly (streambeds are left undisturbed)
  • Complete bridge system designed and manufactured by County Materials
  • Arched shape allows for smooth transition from road to bridge
  • Quick install
  • Arched shape is aesthetically pleasing
  • Better option than a double or triple run box culvert due to less expense and less maintenance
  • County Materials provides technical personnel onsite during first days of install

* All material meets AASHTO & ASTM specifications.
Material meets requirements for IDOT, INDOT and MODOT.

archcast assembled 

Product Information: