ArchCast® Precast Bridge System

Product Features:

  • Arched spans from 12’ to 42’
  • Precast Wing Walls
  • Precast Head Walls (attached or detached)
  • Precast retaining wall using the earth anchor design (no tie backs)
  • Formliner can be applied to headwalls and wingwalls to create many architectural features


  • Railroad Overpasses
  • Airport Taxi Ways
  • Highway Overpasses and Underpasses
  • High fills


  • The arched shape uses a more efficient section. Section can be reduced and designed with less reinforcement than a flat top unit making it more economical
  • Environmentally friendly (streambeds are left undisturbed)
  • Complete bridge system designed and manufactured by County Materials
  • Arched shape allows for smooth transition from road to bridge
  • Quick install
  • Arched shape is aesthetically pleasing
  • Better option than a double or triple run box culvert due to less expense and less maintenance
  • County Materials provides technical personnel onsite during first days of install

* All material meets AASHTO & ASTM specifications.
Material meets requirements for IDOT, INDOT and MODOT.

archcast assembled 

ArchCast® Precast Bridge System

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