Withstand Weather Impacts with County Materials’ Bridge Solutions
July 17, 2023

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Withstand Weather Impacts with County Materials’ Bridge Solutions

Communities depend on well-built, reliable infrastructure to keep people safe. It’s important that bridges, roads, and buildings are prepared to endure disasters and weather conditions with minimal damage, so they must be manufactured and installed with safety in mind. That’s why prestressed concrete girders are the leading choice for bridge construction across the country, having the longest service life and exceptional durability.

High-Performance Weather Protection

Climates with low temperatures and snowstorms present certain infrastructure challenges. Prestressed bridge beams resist weather with their structural integrity and ability to withstand freeze/thaw cycles, and unlike conventional steel bridge girders, concrete structures resist rust. Additionally, our prestressed girders can be manufactured in a climate-controlled facility to meet demands during the winter months. They arrive on site ready for installation and can be set in all weather conditions. State Departments of Transportation rely on prestressed concrete bridge structures to provide the best value for tax dollars and to keep drivers safe on the road.

ArchCast® Precast Bridge System, a Simple Bridge Solution

ArchCast® Precast Bridge Systems manufactured by County Materials are a cost-effective, aesthetically pleasing bridge solution, designed to mitigate flood risk and maintain streambed ecosystems. These bridges come as a complete system, simplifying installation and expediting construction timelines. Their durability makes them a preferred option for harsh environments, and their life expectancy can exceed 100 years.

After a devastating flood hit the city of Waynesville, MO, destroying nearly 100 homes, city officials decided to make infrastructure upgrades. They replaced a Roubidoux Creek dam on Dyer Street with a low water crossing structure and specified County Materials’ ArchCast Bridge System. The installation of this system offers the city a durable, long-term solution that met its budget and construction timelines.

Produced to Protect Communities

Communities rely on County Materials’ bridge solutions for their high compressive strength and inherent longevity. Our products are used in quality infrastructure because they resist damage, demand less maintenance than steel alternatives, and serve a community for many years. Additionally, our prestressed products are manufactured to last using pre-tensioned steel cables and high-quality concrete and are tested to ensure PCI standards for strength and reliability.

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