We Are County Materials – Team Member Bryan Rempt
May 6, 2020

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We Are County Materials – Team Member Bryan Rempt

Bryan Rempt’s evolution within County Materials is one example of how an individual who is motivated and committed to success can grow and shape their career path in the company. Today, Bryan is a Location Manager at County Materials, overseeing the company’s pipe plants in Iowa City, Iowa, and Holmen, Wisconsin. He is responsible for managing both location’s pipe operations, sales, and administrative functions and teams.  Prior to this, Bryan started in the company as an Operations Manager for Iowa City. Because of his drive and commitment to live the company’s Vision of Success, Stability and Support, Bryan was challenged to expand his role within our company. Since then, he has transformed the Holmen precast operation and turned Iowa City’s one-machine facility into a flourishing work environment that can run up to four production lines simultaneously.

The work Bryan and his team have done to establish and strengthen the Iowa City and Holmen plants remains one of his proudest accomplishments to date. Bryan acknowledges that facilitating growth of that size is a team effort. Bryan and his team hold themselves accountable with the use of two benchmarks: productivity and adaptability.  “Any day we hit our production goal, which is not always an easy task, is what I define as success right off the bat,” Bryan states. When unexpected challenges arise, Bryan works with his team to find a solution. “You can’t plan around everything. I measure success by how well we handle things we have control over and how well we adapt to the things we can’t control.” Relying on each other when the unexpected arises is one way the team establishes trust and accountability.

Bryan believes a sense of trust shared amongst the teams in Iowa City, Holmen and the company at-large is playing a significant role in each facility’s growth. He also attributes his success to the company’s consistent support over the years. “There’s a lot to be said about how we rally around to support each other,” Bryan continues, “We’re all a part of the same team, and there’s support from both the top-down and the bottom-up. I’m proud to be here.”

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