UW-Stout Structural Systems Class Explores Concrete Manufacturing at County Materials
May 7, 2019

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UW-Stout Structural Systems Class Explores Concrete Manufacturing at County Materials

County Materials recently hosted a plant tour at the company’s Roberts, WI facility for the University of Wisconsin Stout Structural Systems—Concrete and Masonry class. The tour included an in-depth look at the differences between wet cast and dry cast concrete and how different mixes are used to create a variety of structural water management systems. In addition, the students learned about the manufacturing process of 144” precast manholes, the largest manhole structure the Roberts facility produces.

“Seeing the hands-on processes of manufacturing several precast concrete products was extremely beneficial for the students,” said Heath Wiley, Professor of Construction Management Practice. “County Materials opening up their doors to tours like this is something that otherwise we would not be able to experience. This was an educational and memorable experience and I really appreciate what County Materials has done for students at Stout and the program as a whole.”

One student commented, “seeing everything first hand takes us out of the classroom to witness the real world of manufacturing. The tour opened our eyes to the process of manufacturing concrete products and to learn what a manufacturing facility in our community is all about.”

County Materials frequently hosts plant tours for students and industry professionals to support education and awareness about the manufacturing and construction industries. Plant tours like this are one example of how County Materials supports its Vision of Success, Stability and Support.