The Longevity of Reinforced Concrete Pipe
April 21, 2021

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The Longevity of Reinforced Concrete Pipe

Reinforced Concrete Pipe (RCP) is used across the country for reliable sewage and storm water management systems. RCP is specified for these applications for its long-lasting durability, extended service life, and enhanced functionality. It has proven to be a reliable solution, capable of withstanding heavy live loads and enduring challenging underground environments. 

Inherent Longevity 
As aging sewage and storm water management systems are being evaluated across the county, teams are finding RCP installed decades ago, even up to a century ago, remains in quality condition. 

County Materials partnered with the City of Sheboygan, WI to inspect and evaluate their nearly 90-year-old Southside Interceptor System, composed of 60-inch diameter RCP and concrete manholes, to determine if it would need replacement. Their research determined that the reinforced concrete pipes became stronger, and more resilient over decades of use, and was now outperforming current industry standards, and therefore would not need replacement. 

Several studies across the country have found similar results, and original RCPs remain in serviceable condition, with the occasional installation of new precast components for additional capacity.  Read the full case study here.

Low Life Cycle Costs
Reinforced Concrete Pipe is unmatched in performance and requires little to no maintenance to achieve a prolonged service life. Its low life cycle costs outmatch alternative products and offer taxpayers better value. 

To learn more about using County Materials’ Reinforced Concrete Pipe for your next project, contact us at (800) 289-2569.

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