The Benefits of Using Concrete for Agricultural Applications
July 20, 2020

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The Benefits of Using Concrete for Agricultural Applications

Regardless if it’s a milking parlor, a barn, an outbuilding, or anything in-between, ready-mixed concrete stands as the trusted material choice amongst farmers for agricultural structures and infrastructure.

Ready-mix concrete’s inherent strength withstands demanding work environments without buckling or cracking. Most notably, concrete is recognized for its resistance to weather, bacteria, manure, and vermin, contributing to its unsurpassed service life and lowered annual insurance costs. With minimal maintenance, ready-mix maintains a clean workspace with limited opportunities for bacterial growth, lessening health risks for animals and workers. During pouring and after the project is complete, ready-mix supports soil and water conservation to protect the environment as well. Not only does concrete provide the lowest life cycle costs, but it also has the lowest environmental impact.

The Wisconsin Ready Mixed Concrete Association offers valuable technical resources for designers and contractors who provide ready-mix solutions for customers. For more information, refer to the publication titled “Concrete Supports Conventional, High-Production, and Organic Wisconsin Agriculture” on WRMCA’s website.

To learn more about using County Materials’ Ready-Mix for your next agricultural application, contact our Central Region Ready-Mix Dispatch Team at (715) 769-5503.

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