Skylands™ Concrete Deck Pavers Reinvent Underutilized Outdoor Spaces
August 21, 2023

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Skylands™ Concrete Deck Pavers Reinvent Underutilized Outdoor Spaces

With Skylands™ Concrete Deck Pavers, underused areas become stunning outdoor living spaces. Using an adjustable pedestal system that enables simple, even installation on unlevel surfaces, these concrete pavers allow residences, municipalities, and businesses to maximize usable space. Skylands Pavers are slip-resistant, low maintenance, and versatile.


Skylands pavers are designed for outdoor spaces that often go neglected, such as rooftops, balconies, decks, and patios.

Project leaders for the expansion of Graze Provision & Libations in Minneapolis, MN, specified more than 3,000 SF of Skylands pavers to transform the unused rooftop into a functional outdoor patio space. The additional dining area offers customers comfortable, level seating and room to enjoy the beautiful outdoor surroundings.

Skylands concrete pavers are also popular for multifamily applications. For the Sand Lake Condos in Onalaska, WI, they were used to construct patios and balconies throughout the complex. Large units in warm, sandy tones were installed to complement the character of the building with all the benefits of modern concrete.


County Materials manufactures Skylands pavers with Genesis Face-Mix Technology™ to achieve unmatched strength with long-lasting color. Genesis Face-Mix Technology integrally blends a layer of high-strength concrete mix into the base of each paver, resulting in vibrant pigments and everyday durability.

Skylands concrete pavers manufactured with this technology withstand heavy rain, snow, wind, and other weather conditions. They also protect against UV rays and double the expectancy of the roofing membrane. Each unit is designed to meet industry standards and to endure the wear and tear of high traffic areas.

Simple Maintenance

Skylands Pavers are large and adjustable, making for easy installation. Installed with evenly spaced joints to channel storm water to drains, they protect the surface below and allow access for maintenance.

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