Retaining Walls Prevent Erosion and Beautify Wisconsin Lakefront Property
September 6, 2023

Categories | Landscape

Retaining Walls Prevent Erosion and Beautify Wisconsin Lakefront Property

These Wisconsin homeowners installed a retaining wall system to prevent erosion and maximize usable space in their lakefront backyard. With County Materials’ wide variety of colors, they were able to find a close match to the existing retaining wall segments along the house. They specified Winston® Straight Retaining Wall Systems in Silvertone to span the property and achieve a clean, modern design.

Dimensionally compatible pavers were used to reinvent the walkway between the house and the beach and to form a refined seating area around the fire pit. Elements™ Paving Stones in Reflection and Vision were installed with Discover® Pavers in Majestic to create a warm, inviting outdoor area for the homeowners to relax and entertain in.

To allow easy access from the beach to the new outdoor living space, the homeowners selected Passageways® Step Units in Vision. These oversized steps offer both luxury and safety and make for a stunning transition from the sandy beach to the paved walkway and seating area.

More than 900 square feet of concrete landscape products were used to transform this sloping backyard into an outdoor living space the homeowners will enjoy for many seasons.

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