Reinforced Concrete Pipe Proves Ideal Solution for Washouts
August 14, 2023

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Reinforced Concrete Pipe Proves Ideal Solution for Washouts

Reinforced concrete pipe (RCP) is the preferred choice for storm water management infrastructure that prevents washouts and serves a community for generations. Engineers, contractors, and government officials rely on concrete pipe to minimize storm water damage and the consequential time and cost demands.

Reinforcement for Resilience

RCP is effective in storm water management due to its unmatched durability. The inherent strength of the precast pipe is enhanced with wire reinforcements proven to surpass the strength of alternative products. It is often specified for sanitary and storm water infrastructure because of its resistance to rusting, tearing, and buckling.

After two corrugated metal culverts on WIS 27 in Chippewa Valley were washed away in Tropical Storm Cristobal, the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) relied on County Materials to deliver two readily available 84-inch diameter RCPs. The urgency of the project required same-day delivery and speedy coordination between our dispatch and driver teams. Upgrading from the previous metal pipes, WisDOT chose County Materials’ RCP to ensure safety for Wisconsin residents and protection for the local landscape.

Long-lasting Infrastructure

Reinforced concrete pipe is known for its service life that can exceed 100 years. It withstands harsh environmental conditions with its enhanced rigidity and flotation resistance, maintaining its structural integrity through years of heavy rain, snow, and other natural elements. The long-lasting performance of RCP also reduces liability for design engineers and contractors. County Materials also offers box culverts, apron endwalls, elliptical reinforced concrete pipe, and manholes.

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