Ready-Mix Provides Benefits to Farms
December 9, 2021

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Ready-Mix Provides Benefits to Farms

Farms are some of the most demanding work environments. Their structures require durable materials that can endure harsh conditions and heavy loads over time. For agricultural projects, ready-mix concrete proves as the industry’s trusted choice.

Benefits of Ready-Mix

Versatility – Using admixtures, concrete can be adapted for diverse applications, including hog and cattle confinement, poultry housing, manure pits, grain storage, and more.

Durability – Enhance the inherent strength of concrete with admixtures to withstand even the most challenging work environments. Structures built with concrete can resist natural and manmade elements, including livestock damage, rodent infestations, machinery, and inclement weather. 

Fire Resistance – Concrete helps prevent and contain fires, as it is nonflammable.

Energy Conservation – Concrete surfaces absorb and release heat, reducing the effects of temperature fluctuations and controlling heat loss or gain.

Disease Control – Its easy-to-clean surface promotes cleanliness and disease control.

Economy – Concrete requires minimal maintenance over its extended service life, proving as an economical solution.

Environmental Benefits During Construction

Waste Minimization – Ready-mix trucks supply the proper amount of concrete for the job to avoid waste and account for challenges. Remaining concrete is returned to the batch plant and can be recycled or repurposed for plant-cast concrete components. 

Local – Concretes abundant natural materials are sourced locally, minimizing transportation emissions.

Recycled Content – Agricultural concrete mixes often contain fly ash to enhance the placing and finishing characteristics of the surface in its unhardened state. Fly ash can enhance the durability of cured concrete.

Enhanced Benefits Post-Installation 

Thermal mass – Concrete’s thermal mass improves energy performance with proper insulation. 

Minimized Heat-Island Effect and Brighter Surface – Its light-reflective surface minimizes the heat-island effect and reduces the need for additional lighting to visibility and safety.

Low Emissions – Concrete emits minimal volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions and can positively impact barn or milk parlor air quality.

Recyclable – At the end of its service life, concrete can be recycled and repurposed as fill, subbase, and road base materials.

Environmental Protection

Farmers understand the importance of preserving natural resources and rely on clean water and land to maintain operations. Because of this, farmers use concrete pads for barns, feedlots, manure pits, and other structures to control runoff pollution and prevent erosion. 

The Wisconsin Ready Mixed Concrete Association offers valuable technical resources for designers and contractors who provide ready-mix solutions for customers. For more information, refer to the publication titled “Agricultural Features and Benefits” on WRMCA’s website.

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