Ready-Mix Parking Lots Offer Environmental, Safety, and Cost Benefits
January 11, 2023

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Ready-Mix Parking Lots Offer Environmental, Safety, and Cost Benefits

Parking lots have a dramatic effect on the curb appeal of commercial structures and can contribute significantly to the maintenance costs of commercial properties. Many construction industry professionals consider ready-mix concrete an ideal parking lot solution because of its clean appearance, safety advantages, low maintenance costs, and environmental benefits.

Upscale Aesthetics

The clean, upscale appearance of a concrete parking lot creates a sense of lasting quality for customers, tenants, and employees. The enhanced appearance of concrete can increase business revenue and property values.

Enhanced Safety

Concrete offers increased light reflectance compared to other pavement materials, which enhances nighttime visibility for pedestrians and drivers. In addition, concrete offers high skid resistance and is less prone to potholes than other paving solutions, reducing the likelihood of injury and damage to vehicles.

Low Life Cycle Costs

Concrete provides a longer service life than any other paving material and requires minimal maintenance. While the initial cost of a concrete parking lot can be higher than other parking lot solutions, the longer service life lowers the total cost of ownership.

Environmental Benefits

Concrete’s higher light reflectance properties keep pavement surfaces cooler, which can minimize the urban heat island effect, reducing energy costs for cooling surrounding structures. Additionally, the decreased reliance on light poles at night can help lower energy usage for property owners.

The Wisconsin Ready Mixed Concrete Association offers valuable technical resources for designers and contractors who work with ready-mix. For more information, refer to the Parking Lots product page on WRMCA’s website.

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