Ready-Mix Concrete: A Safe, Sustainable Building Material
April 12, 2021

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Ready-Mix Concrete: A Safe, Sustainable Building Material

County Materials’ Ready-Mix is a safe and sustainable building material made from abundant natural resources that are responsibly excavated. County Materials is committed to supplying long-lasting ready-mix solutions that build stronger and safer communities. 

Sustainable Construction Material
Concrete is an environmentally friendly building material due to its long lifespan, natural materials, and its recycling capabilities. Concrete structures are durable, and do not rust, rot or burn. 

The lifespan of concrete outlasts other common building materials. Concrete is manufactured with water, cement, and responsibly sourced aggregates. To offset manufacturing emissions, fly ash and other sustainable materials may partially replace cement during production. At the end of its service life, concrete can be crushed and recycled for new concrete pavements or roads. 

Structurally and Aesthetically Versatile 
Ready-mix’s inherent strength can withstand high traffic and demanding work environments better than alternative materials. County Materials’ Ready-Mix is commonly used for driveways and parking lot applications and is durable enough to withstand tough working conditions in agricultural and industrial facilities. 

County Materials also offers ready-mix in a variety of colors, and with specialized stamps that emulate the textures of natural stone for applications that specify a decorative surface treatment.

Use County Materials’ Ready-Mix for your next project by contacting our Central Ready-Mix Dispatch Team at (715) 845-2100.