Prestressed Concrete Bridge Girders Promote Longevity
May 18, 2023

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Prestressed Concrete Bridge Girders Promote Longevity

Prestressed concrete girders are the leading choice for bridge construction across the country, having the longest service life and requiring less maintenance. They are also increasingly specified for their aesthetic versatility, strength, quality, and shortened construction time. 

Long Lasting Strength 
Prestressed concrete offers inherent strength and durability. Its high-performance fabrication withstands natural and manmade impacts over a prolonged service life and endures decades of weather and traffic. State Departments of Transportation also rely on the high compressive strength of prestressed concrete bridge girders for long term durability and service, essential in keeping drivers safe on the road.

Low Life Cycle Costs 
The structural capabilities of prestressed concrete contribute to longevity and low life-cycle costs. With minimal maintenance required over their prolonged service life, prestressed concrete bridge girders offer an economic advantage to taxpayers. County Materials manufacturers prestressed bridge girders in its PCI-certified production facilities and delivers them to meet the demands of aggressive construction schedules. 

Structural Versatility 
Manufactured off-site, prestressed bridge girders arrive on site ready for installation. County Materials works with engineers and contractors to accommodate each project's specifications. Rely on our manufacturing experience and state-of-the-art facilities to get the job done.

Prestressed concrete bridge girders offer communities extended service life and require less maintenance than alternative materials, keeping maintenance costs low and ensuring driver safety over long-term use. 

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