Luxury Apartment Building Showcases Concrete and Brick Masonry Solutions
May 23, 2023

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Luxury Apartment Building Showcases Concrete and Brick Masonry Solutions

The Middleton Center in Middleton, Wisconsin, is a luxury apartment building in the city’s charming downtown. The Middleton Center is a multi-family building located near popular restaurants and boutique shopping. To complement the project’s location and the city views, project leaders relied on County Materials’ masonry products to get the job done.

County Materials manufactured Premier Ultra® Burnished Masonry Units®Premier Ultra® Burnished Masonry Units in Sea Salt and supplied brick from Belden, Bowerston, and Hebron to unite a lavish design for the Middleton Center. These products were specified for their durability and low life cycle costs. County Materials prioritizes offering quality, cost-effective products and meeting project timelines.

Premier Ultra units are an economic solution for a wide variety of residential and municipal projects. Available in structural concrete load-bearing or full and thin veneer units, concrete masonry units provide limitless design flexibility. Concrete is a low-maintenance building material that naturally resists fire, rot, and severe weather.

Project leaders were proud to offer the Middleton community a lavish and functional residential complex that many people will call "home" over its extended service life.

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