Large-scale Engineered Walls withstand Extreme Conditions with Rib Rock™ Landscape Block
July 24, 2019

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Large-scale Engineered Walls withstand Extreme Conditions with Rib Rock™ Landscape Block

Many commercial and public projects rely on retaining walls to hold back challenging elevations and aggressive slopes for creating usable land and development space for parking lots, ponds, additional building square footage and more. Landscape architects and engineers across the country look for precast concrete modular block retaining wall units that meet standard specifications such as ASTM 1766 forWet-Cast Precast Modular Retaining Wall Units, and that also meet extreme standards such as ASTM C666, which assesses frost resistance and freeze-thaw durability. Meeting these national standards help ensure retaining wall systems will withstand even the harshest of conditions.

Rib Rock™ Landscape Block, manufactured by County Materials Corporation, has been tested by American Engineering Testing, Inc. Rib Rock is a proven solution for the most demanding applications because of its ease of installation on large-scale engineered walls and its ability to withstand extreme conditions.

Rib Rock is a popular and economical solution for commercial applications across the Midwest. With installation efficiency becoming a key factor in many project specifications, Rib Rock is an ideal choice. Conveniently embedded rebar hoops make handling and lifting the blocks with mechanical equipment a simple task for any sized crew with the proper equipment. Rib Rock units are manufactured with a knob and channel system that, with no additional labor, firmly locks units into place and creates an automatic two-inch set back, necessary for taller wall applications. County Materials also manufactures corner units that facilitate building 90-degree corners and angled walls. Units are available in full 48” wide blocks and 24” half blocks; both offer ease-of-assembly and can be installed together to create a running-bond pattern. 

More communities are investing in infrastructure and placing value on their aesthetics. Rib Rock units add natural beauty because they are available in two face finishes that resemble natural stone; Rough Texture and Dry Stack Texture. The quality, functionality and craftsmanship of Rib Rock has led to statewide recognition for several projects. In 2019 and 2018 several commercial projects utilizing Rib Rock units were selected as winners in the WMA Excellence in Hardscape Design Competition, an annual award program that honors the best hardscape applications in Wisconsin and Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. 

County Materials is dedicated to providing excellent customer service and industry education. Rib Rock installation guidelines, videos and engineer manuals are available for download on County Materials’ website. The company’s sales team members are also available to visit jobsites and provide additional product information and assistance. 

For more information on Rib Rock Landscape Block, visit our product page or call us at 800-242-7733.