Ketchum’s Got Your Six Assists Wisconsin Veterans
September 14, 2021

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Ketchum’s Got Your Six Assists Wisconsin Veterans

Ketchum’s Got Your Six is a veteran fundraising organization in Madison, WI that provides support to Wisconsin veterans suffering from PTSD. The organization fundraises utilizing online auctions, a charitable bike ride, and chili dinners at the local VFW. Partnering with Custom Canines, the funds are used to train service dogs for Wisconsin veterans. 

The organization was founded in honor of Marine Brandon Ketchum. Brandon served two tours in Iraq and a third in Afghanistan. During his last tour, he had sustained physical and emotional injuries. On July 9th, 2016 he became one of 22 veterans that pass away from suicide each day in the United States. Ketchum’s Got Your Six was established to remind veterans they are not alone and provide them resources to make a positive change in their life. 

Mary, a U.S. Army Veteran, returned home with PTSD and mobility restraints, significantly affecting her lifestyle. To help her with this transition she was paired with Titan, a service dog from Custom Canines. Titan assists Mary as she moves around her home and community, providing the support she needs to work through her PTSD.

Kevin, a Marine Corps Desert Storm Veteran, trained his dog Abby through the Custom Canine’s Owner Training Academy with financial support from Ketchum’s Got Your Six. Abby learned how to assist Kevin with his PTSD and mobility. Abby has always been a canine companion for Kevin and now has the ability to make a significant difference in his life. 

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